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1. Corn Inc provides the best 4x4 off-road and Heavy equipment training courses available On    the Lao market today.
2. 4wd Bush Driving Course
3. Driver Training - Choosing Between On-site or Facility Training
4. Motorcycle Training for Outreach Workers
5. Self-Recovery Course


ວັນຮຽນ. ວັນອັງຄານ-ວັນສຸກ
ເວລາ:   10 - 12 ມ
        13 - 15 ມ
        15 - 19 ມ

ວັນເສົາ - ວັນອາທິດເວລາ:
        08 - 12 ມ
        13 - 17 ມ

ລະດັບຮຽນ: ບໍາລຸງ 01 ເດືອນ ບໍາລຸງ 02 ອາທິດ ເລີ່ມຕົ້ນໃໝ່
1. Corn Inc provides the best 4x4 off-road and heavy equipment training courses available on the Lao.
Market   today. We will teach your staff, national drivers, and international consultants how to anticipate and manage the varying road hazards specific to developing countries.    Our proven-effective programmes are highly applicable to anyone who needs to correctly /safely handle the conditions and risks. By reinforcing the importance of the proactive mindset, our training stresses avoidance through awareness and planning. What Makes Corn Inc Unique We train to the environment, in the environment. We are the only training centre to specialize in off-road 4wd security driving courses. We are the leading school specializing in driving courses for unsealed roads

2. 4wd Bush Driving Course
        Spinning tyres? Losing traction? Excessive acceleration, braking and clutch use compromises your ability to handle your vehicle on uneven and/or slippery terrain.

This training course introduces you to what makes a 4wd off-road capable; maximize control using torque and low ratio. Module: Low Range

        Introduction to 4wd Systems.
        The tradeoff between off road capability and on road safety.
        Understanding torque vs. power.
        Wheel printing exercises.
        Stall-recovery techniques (recovery from a failed climb).
        Ascending /descending steep inclines.
        Duration: 1 Day.
        Price: US$ 155.00 per Student (includes use of a 4wd training vehicle).
        Price: US$ 125.00 per Student (if you bring your 4wd).
        Discount rates are available for groups of 10 or more students.
        Group sizes: We require a minimum of 5 attendees to conduct a class outside of the regularly posted schedule. 
        Our maximum class size is 12 students. Any additional students we recommend you move into a second session.

Industry and Driving Development Center of Corn Inc could a arrange the driving test for a person who could drive confidently. And they could take a few hours tutorial course in theory and practical driving.

3. Driver Training - Choosing Between On-site or Facility Training.
         There is a bit of debate about how to get the most effective driver training carried out, especially as most clients want to train to the situation and environment that their drivers and staff will be operating in. When Corn Inc started carrying out driver training for their workshop clients, we didn't have a specialist training area and we would go to the client. While this is quite effective, because we could deal with specific road conditions, there were a few issues that caused concern. The main being safety. And still is as we still carry out training for clients in situ. What we find is that it is difficult to find safe training areas to effectively carry out the practical exercises. The last thing we need is, when promoting road safety issues, is an innocent bystander to get injured. Controlling the public, especially as they have as much right to use the roads as we do, can be difficult if not impossible at times. Also, we have to take into consideration that general road safety issues are not addressed in rural communities throughout the developing world. For example, children are still not taught the basics in schools and therefore this is a main contributor for local populations to not have the same road sense, if you like. For instance; once we had to stop a self recovery training session because the onlookers refused (including the local big wigs) to move out of the danger zone. Another problem we encounter with carrying out the training on site is distractions. Students may turn up late for class or be taken out of class to fulfill obligations for the client. Not only does this have an effect on the class as a whole but that person will be missing important issues.Onsite training does not flow as well. You have to spend a chunk of time going through theory and then go out to the training site. Not only does this affect the effectiveness, it can also increase the amount of time that we have to spend carrying out the training, therefore a whole syllabus may not be covered and the clients costs goes up to cover the extra session(s). Therefore, we made the decision (nearly 1 year ago now) to develop a training site to cater for the different off road driving environments commonly found in developing countries.This has enabled us to develop our courses with a structure that enables us to back up the theoretical with appropriate practical exercises immediately. This gives a definite flow to the training that ensures effectiveness. It also, ensures that the training is carried out in the timeliest manner making it as cost effective as possible for the client. With safety being our first concern. Corn Inc have a privately owned and secure driver training facility that mirrors the driving conditions found in developing countries, as well as specialist training areas and equipment which enables us to safely carry out practical exercises that are not able to be carried out on site. Of course developing this type of facility is forever ongoing. For instance we are in the process of putting in an off road skid correction facility and sprinkler system to cater for the dry season months. We are Corn Inc for being the most effective 4x4, off road training facility nationwide.

4. Motorcycle Training for Outreach Workers.
        Industry and Driving Development Center of Corn Inc is now offering 3 DAY Motorcycle training for Outreach workers.Over the years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of organizations using motorcycles outreach work. It makes sense; they give better access to rural communities and in contrast with 4wd vehicles, cost less and are cheaper to run.Unfortunately, a critical problem with this is, outreach workers are specialists in another field, often having little or no experience in how to safely ride these potentially life threatening machines. Some may never have ridden a bicycle before and are then handed a fairly powerful machine to carry out their field work.Many times, this has been with drastic results; as the field worker is thrown in at the deep end, so to speak, learning from the school of hard knocks, literally!Another area of concern is how easy it is to obtain a driving license for a motorcycle out here.Obviously, someone applying for an outreach worker's job needs to get a license or even a provisional, in order, to enable them to ride and stay within the organizations.Some organizations see this as ability to ride and hand over the job alongside the bike, thereby, overlooking the actual riding capableility of the person. Therefore, when entering into this type of field work, SAFETY must be a main factor and assumptions can be dangerous. For example,Thorough checks of each rider's capability be made before handing over a machine. Operating procedures should be clearly laid down. The rider should be encouraged to take part in building procedures as this will make them more likely to stay within the guidelines.Motorcycles do require specialist maintenance to ensure they remain safe. The machines will generally be used in a harsh environment, and therefore, will be subject to accelerated wear and tear. Riders should be able to carry out first line maintenance and be able to identify and report potential problems. All safety equipment should be provided for (and worn!) and regularly checked: i.e. helmet, gloves, high visibility vests, and boots. At Corn Inc, we have addressed what we see to be a prevailing problem, by designing a 3 day course to give the outreach worker a better understanding of how to operate the vehicle in their specific working environment. Upon completion, riders will gain confidence in their ability and machine and at the same time identify the limit of their experience. Students learn to identify hazards early and plan how to deal with them safely and efficiently. The course also includes a first line maintenance module to enable riders to carry out daily checks, identify and report problems and carry out minor adjustments. And, finally, what type of motorcycle is the best for the conditions? There are a myriad of machines out there to choose from and it is best to get specialist advice on what machine would be the most suitable for the environment. Not all trail bikes are the same for instance; do you want a two stroke or a four stroke engine? The cheapest is not always the best and safest! We can, if required, provide a consultancy service to enable the client to identify the correct machine for the situation.

5. Self-Recovery Course.
        Learn the mathematical and practical steps to retrieve a 4wd vehicle. Safely and correctly use a variety of self-recovery equipment, including hand & electrical winches, kinetic-energy ropes, hi-lift jack & adjustable chains, and ground anchors.

Module: Self Recovery

        • Calculating to stay within Safe Working Load of equipment.
        • Safe use of recovery equipment and how to maintain and correctly store it.
        • Setting up straight-pull and 2:1 pull recovery systems.
        • Real life scenarios.
        • Duration: 1 Day.
        • Price: US$ 155.00 per Student (excludes use of a 4wd training vehicle).
        • Discount rates are available for groups of 10 or more students. Group sizes:

        We require a minimum of 5 attendees to conduct a class outside of the regularly posted schedule. Our maximum class size is 12 students. Any additional students we recommend you move into a second session

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