Heavy Equipment School Training Programs         
      The Corn Inc Heavy Equipment Operator Programs are comprehensive, industry developed, and nationally recognized by employers in the construction, earthmoving, and excavation industries.
       Industry and Driving Development Center of Corn Inc students are taught to operate heavy equipment through in-the-seat operation of many types of heavy equipment and through classroom instruction. These heavy equipment training programs are designed to give a person the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to operate the following types of heavy equipment:

1. Excavators.
2. Road Graders.
3. Dump Trucks.
4. Backhoes.
5. Forklifts.
6. Moving crane.

    Interested individuals should contact school to verify which types of equipment are offered at that campus. In addition to operating heavy equipment, students are also taught:

1. Soils.
2. Safety.
3. Site Layouts.
4. Heavy Equipment Maintenance

      These are the skills and knowledge employers are looking for and these are the subjects which are the key to our graduates securing a job as a heavy equipment operator. Corn Inc understands which subjects and what types of equipment are most important to the employers hiring equipment operators.

      If you are looking for a steady and rewarding career, you could be one of Lao's highly respected and well paid heavy equipment operators with the training offered by Corn Inc Driving School

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